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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fresh Healthy Vending

I know I talk a lot about the indulgent foods I eat, including my love affair with chicken nuggets, but overall, Jen Eats Food is a loyal supporter of fresh and healthy eating.  As I have mentioned before, one of my favorite things about living in California's Central Valley is the abundant availability of fresh fruits and vegetables.  We have started to see a move toward a healthier menu with TV shows like Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution", Bobby Deen's (son of Paula Deen) "Not My Mama's Meals" and programs like EBT cards being accepted at Farmer's Markets.

One thing that has made it hard to move toward healthier eating is it's lack of convenience.  As we rush out of the house in the morning, we forget to grab that apple, yogurt or handful of almonds to snack on later in the day.  So, when that 2 pm craving hits in the middle of a busy work or school day, most of us are only left with the option of the dreaded traditional vending machine.  Doritos and M&M's it is. Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with Doritos and M&M's.  I love both.  But when it is the only option on a daily basis, we are creating a culture of unhealthy eating.  I absolutely believe that we must all take responsibility for the food we chose to consume, but I also believe there are ways to help us along down the path to healthy eating.

I recently met some wonderful new friends who also share a love of wholesome food.  Ross and Colleen Horn have teamed up with their family to begin a new venture in making healthy eating more convenient.  They have purchased a franchise of an incredible company started in San Diego, CA called Fresh Healthy Vending.  I absolutely love this idea!  As the HR Department at my company knows, I have been pushing and pushing for healthier options in our break room, and there has never really been a company that has been able to offer it.  Or, they offer "some" healthy items and only when they are available in their warehouse.  Fresh Healthy Vending offers a variety of healthy and fresh foods that are also readily available to everyone.  They provide the choice that a lot of us want and that we all deserve.

Please visit their website to see all the great things they have to offer and how easy it is to get a machine in your office or school.

Contact: Ross Horn (click to email)
A Nationwide Initiative Promoting CHOICE through Healthy Vending - Community by Community

Pass it along to your HR Director or the Administration at your school.  This is something I truly believe in, as everyone, especially children, deserves a chance at a healthy life. 

Small steps really can turn into huge leaps.