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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


In honor of David Letterman's Top 10 signs that America is Too Fat and for those of you who can't seem to grasp the concept that fattening foods will make you fat, tonight I will give praise to one of the best regulations our government has put into place.

Restaurants posting the nutritional values of their menu items.

To be fair, I will say that it is, at times, very confusing to make healthy choices at restaurants.  What is that?  You would like a few examples?'s like I have to everything for you.

Two caloric wake up calls I have had recently are as follows:

# 1
Applebees Chinese Chicken Salad
1340 Calories

Panera Asian Chicken Salad 
410 Calories

They are both amazing.  However, you can literally eat almost 3 1/2 of the Panera salads for just one of the Applebees.  Apparently Applebees secret ingredient is lard.

# 2
Prime Rib Dip
1008 Calories
(Not including Fries)

Crispy Arctic Cod Sandwich
610 Calories
(Not Including Fries)

How the fried fish sandwich is 400 calories less than the sliced steak sandwich is completely beyond me.  What on earth is in that steak?  Wait...I don't want to know.

We at Jen Eats Food are very calorie conscience, and yet, even we are surprised by the nutritional values of certain restaurant foods. 

This regulation will not only make individuals take responsibility for the foods they eat (and more importantly, the foods they are feeding their children), but I honestly hope it will also encourage restaurants to provide more healthy options.  And more importantly GOOD healthy options!

Tonight, I raise a glass to healthy and delicious food.  Cheers!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Habit

In Fig Garden Village (Fresno) is a great little burger joint named The Habit.  Fresh ingredients, crispy fries and grilled onions.

And, just for you Dave, the best part of the restaurant was that they have Coke instead of Pepsi.  The owners clearly understand the importance of quality and good taste.

Thanks, Jen, for taking me here!

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Hidden Gem

I was driving on the long and desolate stretch of 99 yesterday that was bringing me back to Fresno from Bakersfield (don't be jealous) and I was in need of a snack.  After a recommendation by a good friend, I decided to stop at Bravo Farms in Traver, CA.  (Don't feel bad...I had no idea either.)

In the middle of nowhere, across the road from a big rig car wash and gas station, was one of the greatest little treasures.  In an area smaller than a city block was a nostalgic tribute to the old west. 

I pulled into the gravel parking lot, got out (in four inch heels) and turned to see two old timers sitting on the wooden porch in front of the convenient store.  Next to them were two guys BBQ'ing chicken and tri tip on a Santa Maria style pit.  I was already in western heaven.  Then it got better.

After I bought my Classic Lay's and a Diet Coke, I went for a stroll through the Bravo Farms "town".  I will go back and spend the day in this parking lot size desert mirage one day.

So, obviously what really drew me to Bravo Farms were the signs on 99 advertising the wine tasting.  I may not have said it here before, but I have always said I could live on three things: bread, cheese and wine.

But there was so much more than cheese and wine...

A fruit stand (this was just part of it)

A coffee shop, ice cream shop and a diner...

A gift shop with nuts and dried fruits...
(The Classic Lay's and Diet Coke were still the best choice)

An incredible selection of cheese...

A store that is a collectors dream...

(And what would a kitschy store be without an Elvis display)

And last, but certainly not least, a bar.

If you ever find yourself on Highway 99 south of Fresno, stop at Bravo Farms.  There is a part of me that thinks I may have imagined the whole thing, but I am pretty sure it is there, and from what I saw, it is a must see!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Out of Tragedy....

(Thank you to all of those out there in internetland that took these pictures so I could steal them from you)

Comes Hope and Rejoicing....

Middlebury, VT

Alachua County, Florida

Fresno County, CA
(They also accept EBT cards...I just couldn't find a picture to prove it.)

The tunnel may be extremely long, but accepting EBT cards at Farmers Markets is one absolutely one of the best steps forward we as a nation have taken in nutritional assistance. 

Farmer's Markets accepting EBT cards not only promotes healthy food that is less expensive than grocery stores but it also puts our tax dollars right back into our community and supports local farmers.  Incredible!

Now, as I said earlier on my friend Jeff's FB post (thank you for the inspiration), if we could could just stop EBT cards from being used at strip clubs, being advertised on candy aisles or being taken advantage of by those who are scamming the system and stealing from our country, we would probably get our state/country out of debt.  But that is for another time and another day.  You know, like in 2 years when I am eligible to run for president. 

Tonight, I raise a glass to those who are responsible for instituting the Farmer's Market EBT program!  And because I am so excited about learning about this amazing program, I will raise a second glass!

Our First Harvest

This beautiful tree gave the Weeks family the first harvest in our new home! 

Now I need to learn how to make Grandma Murillo's apricot pie and apricot jam.  It is no coincidence that this was our first fruit.

(And then I need to go take my turbo SUV out for an unnecessary drive to balance out the universe from all this self sustaining hippie crap.)

Cheers to living in the country!  My heart is happy.