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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Out of Tragedy....

(Thank you to all of those out there in internetland that took these pictures so I could steal them from you)

Comes Hope and Rejoicing....

Middlebury, VT

Alachua County, Florida

Fresno County, CA
(They also accept EBT cards...I just couldn't find a picture to prove it.)

The tunnel may be extremely long, but accepting EBT cards at Farmers Markets is one absolutely one of the best steps forward we as a nation have taken in nutritional assistance. 

Farmer's Markets accepting EBT cards not only promotes healthy food that is less expensive than grocery stores but it also puts our tax dollars right back into our community and supports local farmers.  Incredible!

Now, as I said earlier on my friend Jeff's FB post (thank you for the inspiration), if we could could just stop EBT cards from being used at strip clubs, being advertised on candy aisles or being taken advantage of by those who are scamming the system and stealing from our country, we would probably get our state/country out of debt.  But that is for another time and another day.  You know, like in 2 years when I am eligible to run for president. 

Tonight, I raise a glass to those who are responsible for instituting the Farmer's Market EBT program!  And because I am so excited about learning about this amazing program, I will raise a second glass!

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