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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Best of...Fast Food

It is time for all of us to get off of our high horses of food snobbery and stop acting like fast food is not amazing.  Seriously, stop.  So, here is my list of the best of...Fast Food restaurants.

There is nothing better, and I might even be referring to food as a whole, than an In-N-Out animal style cheeseburger, fries well done and a Diet Coke.  Again, please refer to the basic facts about food that state that Diet Coke is better than Diet Pepsi.  Even Thomas Keller agrees with me. (I am not sure how you cite a reference, but see GQ's issue regarding Fast Food.)  And if you argue with Thomas Keller, well, that is just dumb.

One word.  Chipotle.   (Quinonez, stop.  BF is not better.)  Fresh, delicious and fast food.  It is literally what all fast food should be.  More importantly, the have cilantro lime rice.  Not to be dramatic, because Lord knows I don't have a flair for the dramatic, but I would literally eat cilantro by itself.  But you add it to rice (ohhhhhh, did I not mention that I am obsessed with all things carbohydrate filled?  In due time) and I am in love.  And the carnitas...oh, the carnitas.  Eat at Chipotle.

Chicken Sandwhich
Although Rob would disagree, the Burger King Tender Crisp chicken sandwhich cannot be beat. He claims that Chick-Fil-A is the best.  I will give that sandwich its due respect, but I am unable to give it the crown of "Best".  Did anyone get the pun? Crown...Burger  The perfect chicken sandwich must have mayo.  Duh.

Fresno = DaVinci's
San Luis Obispo = Fattes
Washington DC - Pizza Mart (TOTALLY worth the $13 cab fare to get there)

Chicken Nuggets
I am not sure if this is sad or amazing, but my comfort food, whether it be the flu or a hangover, is McDonald's Chicken McNuggets.  I was sad when they switched to all-white meat, as the only good thing about poultry is the dark meat, but I have adjusted.

Once again, McDonalds takes the trophy.  And for all of you vegetarian/vegan/organic hippies that have eaten their fries, they are made with beef stock.  Suck it.  When they are freshly fried, to the perfect crispiness, they cannot be beat. 

So, go out, enjoy fast food.  As a reminder, fast food is not good for you.  Do not eat it everyday and then blame the restaurants that you have gained weight.  Eat it sparingly, but enjoy each and every one of those sparse bites.



  1. In-N-Out will make their fries extra crispy? How did I not know this? Kate would like to add a comment about fave kid choices. The Taco Bell cheese roll up - simple yet delicious (even her brother is a fan)!

  2. Very fun blog... If you need any researchers, you know who to call!!

  3. Not only will In-n-out make your fries crispy.. they will make it animal style. Try it! You might need a Lipitor but it's so worth it.

  4. Well, it's quite obvious you have taken leave of your faculties. Eating 7-11 nachos is one step above Chipotle, and with better lighting. You FAILED to mention the most awesome fast food Mexican food to be had anywhere in this town.

    When I worked in San Jose, my colleagues and I lived off of BAJA FRESH for lunch. You heard me, BAJA FRESH. Oh, I'm sorry you don't do West of Blackstone?

    And pizza, you have never had Mike's? What about DiCicco's, take away from Tony's?

    It's apparent that you live with a well rounded man who is well versed in excellent spirits, food and women. (in that order) Maybe you can glean some of those fine qualities from him. And on that note, I say good day madam, good day!