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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Airport Bar

I know this is "Jen Eats Food", but I thought I would give a special shout out to the best (and probably only good) thing about airports...the airport bar.  And, if you refer to the picture on the right hand column of your screen, you will see that I also love wine.  What?  This is your first time on this blog?  Part of me feels bad for you that you have missed out on the amazingness for this long.  The other part of me is jealous of you that you get to experiance all of the amazingness up to this point for the first time.

Flying sucks.  Even when you are about to depart to a warm, tropical island with the love of your life or to the country music Capital of the world with some of your closest friends (can't wait for Nashville, Brit!!), flying sucks.  Airports are crowded and loud and the flights are cramped and germ filled. 

But there is a mirage amongst the desert. 

The airport bar.  Almost every airport has one.  I have been at LAX for two hours now.  Without the Chardonnay, I may not still be sane.

So, for that reason, I thank you airport bar.

Next time you are at an airport, waiting to travel to the destination of your dreams, or to to the business meeting of your dreams...stop by the airport bar and say hello.

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