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Friday, July 1, 2011

The Best Of...Tri Tip Sandwich

Tri tip is apparently a cut of meat that not everyone knows of.  I grew up with tri tip...really great tri tip.  So, for all of the international and other-than-California followers of Jen Eats Food, google it, buy it, BBQ it and then love it. 

Tri tip is good for two things:
1. BBQ'ing (by Rob) and eating by itself (with Garrett's asparagas and DeDe Weeks' garlic bread and potatoes)
2. Making into a sandwich

A tri tip sandwich?  Where could I possibly get one?

Well, not only will I tell you where to get a tri tip sandwich, I will tell you where to get, without a doubt, the best tri tip sandwich you will ever have.  And lucky for you, you can get said sandwich at three places.

The original started in San Luis Obispo at a well known place called Firestone Grill.  Named after the Firestone Tires that went out of business in the building that the owners decided to turn into a sports bar.  After the incredible success of Firestone Grill they decided to expand to Cambria (Main Street Grill) and finally to Fresno (Doghouse Grill). 

All three have a variety of fantastic food (The Pig (pulled pork sandwich), half chicken meal and char-grilled burgers), but they are known for their amazing Tri Tip Sandwich.  The tri tip is grilled Santa Maria style (serioulsy??  Google that too), stacked HIGH on a garlic butter dipped roll and covered in BBQ sauce.  I will say that I am not a fan of the BBQ sauce.  It is very sweet and I prefer a vinegary Southern style sauce, so I order it without. When I am feeling good about my weight, I dunk the sandwich in their amazing ranch dressing, but the great thing about it is that it is delicious even by itself. 

So if you find yourself in SLO, Cambria or Fresno (don't act like you have never "driven" through Fresno), take the time to stop in and enjoy the best tri tip sandwich you will ever eat.  And if you think you know of a better one, I encourage you to buy me a plane ticket to wherever you think it "may" be, send me cash to pay for the meal and I promise to review it right here on my famous blog.  I will even give you credit.  Well, maybe.

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