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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Great Gummi Bear Debate

One of the hottest topics on the debate circle right now is Gummy Bears.  This hot topic, however, is twofold.   Below are my findings on the two questions that have been heatedly argued by many.  Lucky for you, I have a vast knowledge on the subject so obviously these are also the correct answers to both debate questions.


Answer, Haribo.

Trolli and Black Forrest are too gelitin-y and while Heide comes in a close second, they just don't match up to the firm, full-of-flavor Haribo bears.  The reason Heide fails is that their green bear is lime whereas the Haribo green bears are green apple. Along with texture, flavor is a key factor in the rating of the gummy bear. 

One thing that is clear is that the answer to the question above is NEVER the generic brand you buy in a big plastic tub.  You either respect the bear, or you do not.

Debate Question #2: WHAT IS THE BEST FLAVOR (aka color) OF GUMMY BEAR?

Answer, White.

From what I hear it is supposed to pineapple, but much like "grape" flavored items, which we all know are really "purple" flavored, white gummy bears are "white gummy bear" flavored.  And whatever that flavor is, it is incredible.  So much so that bar tenders and Jamba Juice (am I supposed to put some sort of trademark here???  cause I'm not going to), have resorted to creating beverages that match the white gummy bear flavor in order to jump on the flavor bandwagon.

Although Haribo takes the cake on the flavor spectrum overall, it is very important to give Black Forrest credit for their lemon flavored yellow bear.  It is the only yellow bear that tastes more like lemonade than lemons.  Kudos.

So, there you are. The answers to the age old argument.

Cheers to the gummy bear...don't act like you don't want to go get some now. I encourage you all to do the taste test yourself...I love it when others realize I am right!

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